Székely Gyöngyvér bio gyömbér gazdabolt

Organic garden and organic gardening

Our company offers professional advice and services related to organic gardening and organic farming in the Carpathian Basin. Our online shop offers everything which is necessary to a chemical free garden; chemical free and organic certified seeds, resistant fruit trees and young plants, products of biological plant protection and organic soil improvement agents can all be purchased accompanied with free professional advice.

Special products:

Polyversum, Nematop, Nemastar, Natur Terra, Neem Azal, Novodor, Agrosol liquid, Alginit, mycorhizza fungi, pheromone traps, parasitic wasps, predatory mites, organic young plants, traditional Hungarian fruit trees

Chemical free garden and starting organic gardening and farming

I have provided professional advice to the planting and cultivation of many thousands of traditional Hungarian and resistant fruit trees. We have built more than three hundred special raised planting beds. We helped starting organic farming on more than a hundred farms and have written more than a hundred development programs concerning organic farming in Hungary. We also offer professional and very informative lectures and courses.

Székely Gyöngyvér bio gyömbér gazdabolt

Biological plant protection in our online shop

It has been our experience that in order to be truly effective and efficient, the products of biological plant protection and organic farming should only be offered with professional advice. This led to the decision to conduct our marketing in three ways: 

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