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Organic gardening courses 2017 winter

The Bio-Gazdabolt offers organic gardening courses concentrating on vegetable gardens and orchards starting in January and February 2017.

Organic gardening – starter courses

We recommend our starter organic vegetable gardening course to those who are only now starting to grow vegetables in their garden, or only now learn the way of vegetable gardening without the use of conventional chemical products in order to protect their own and their families’ health. The starter organic orchard course is most useful for those who already possess an orchard but would like to produce organic fruit and avoid the use of chemicals, or for those who would like to create an organic orchard.

The courses take place in two different locations. The first location is: Hungary 1204 Budapest, Bocskai street 13.

Time: Wednesday 3-6 p.m.

(vegetable: 4., 11., 18., 25. January)

(orchard: 1., 8., 15., 22. February)

The second location is: Klébersberg Organic Market on Buda; Hungary 1028 Budapest, Templom street 2.

Time: Saturday 9-12 a.m.

(vegetable: 7., 14., 21., 28. January)

(orchard: 4., 11., 18., 25. February)

One course is build up from four lectures and costs 12 000 HUF.

Advanced organic gardening courses

We recommend our advanced organic gardening courses to those who already started organic gardening but would like to acquire more practical knowledge concerning the biological plant protection.

The lectures take place: Hungary 1204 Budapest, Bocskai street 13.

Time: Sunday 9-12 a.m.

(vegetable: 8., 15., 22., 29. January)

(orchard: 5., 12., 19., 26. February)

One course is build up from four lectures and costs 12 000 HUF.

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Courses and lectures

We offer complex courses in every January and February. We give a lot of lectures, practical courses and other programs in every other month of a year to spread and teach our knowledge of organic gardening and biological plant protection.

Other programs

In February we travel with a select group of farmers to the BIOFACH which is the world’s leading exhibition and fare of organic farming. We act as guides, offer translation (from Hungarian to English and vice versa) and help our partners make better business connections and deals. In March we offer an organic pruning lecture where participants can learn special information such as how to prune the traditional Hungarian fruit trees and Hungarian local cultivars, how to prune while maintaining the original shape of the tree and how to treat the ill parts of a tree. In April we usually offer lectures and practical demonstrations regarding the most beneficial combinations in the plant community of an organic garden, the supporting crops and planting. May is the time for our special raised planting beds. During the summer our focus shifts to summer pruning and acute biological plant protection. Autumn is the time for planting orchards.

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We gladly give lectures for communities or bigger groups in Hungary about these topics:

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We post every lecture and program on our website usually 1 or 2 months in advance. If you want to be notified immediately, you should register to our professional newsletters!

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