Special raised planting beds

Bio Gyömbér magasított dombágyás

The organic garden’s intensive producing apparatus

We have been building our special raised planting beds since 2010. We have plenty of experience and our clients’ interest continues to grow. This is a vegetable producer apparatus which combines a modern landscape-architecture project and the most intensive organic gardening technologies.

The goal of the special raised planting beds

Our first goal was to provide living plant-based enzymes for ill, or for health-conscious people. Only vegetables which are organic produced, freshly harvested and eaten green can provide the necessary healing and health preserving effects. Our second most important goal was to minimise the number of toxins which are present in an urban garden due to soil contamination. Thirdly we wished to create a garden which takes up small space, but produces a comparatively huge amount while requiring minimal work. With time came the request to make it cost-effective and to make it aesthetically pleasing. We attempted to satisfy every request so you have multiple choices.

Bio Gyömbér magasított dombágyás

The structure of the special raised planting bed

Our raised planting beds are based on the classic German organic raised planting beds which are the most intensive form of organic gardening. It has a disadvantage in the Hungarian climate, namely that due to the draught in the air the biological decomposition stops, and thus the planting bed stops working. The second problem is due to its shape which resembles a hill; you cannot water it because erosion affects it. We built a frame around it, which brought the following advantages: you can tend to it while sitting; if you choose well the orientation during building the far left and far light part of it is shadowed during part of the day thus enabling you to produce sensitive leaf vegetables (e.g. salads) during the summer. It keeps its shape and with the use of a very cheap vlies you can produce vegetables during the winter. Moreover, we built into it a special watering system which is very economical and do not destroys the shape and the top of the planting bed. It is very easy to operate because we built into it a pressure-regulator which only needs 1,5 bar pressure. This also cools down the plants during the heat of summer. The “engine” is the inner organic matter seed which is created by layering different plant based organic matter in a predetermined order into which a special microorganism-based matter is introduced. We developed this matter and it introduces special bacteria and fungi to provide a constant and natural nutrients supply. Meanwhile the heat from the decomposing considerably lengthens the growing season. This seed also prevents the plants from taking up the toxins present in your natural soil. The first planting is done by us and by the rules of ecological plant communities with the chemical-free seeds and young plants chosen by the client.

Bio Gyömbér magasított dombágyás

We recommend our raised planting beds to...

It is a must for those who suffer from allergies or cancer. It was primarily developed for their benefit. It is safe and useful for those hobby gardeners who lack sufficient space and who can only access contaminated urban soil. It is comfortable for those who work long hours, or have small children because they can produce a huge amount of vegetable with little work. A 5 m long planting bed provides enough fresh vegetables for breakfast and supper for 2 people through 10 months. It could be interesting for the disabled, those who suffer from spinal cord injury or for mothers-to-be because you can tend it sitting. For those who has a primarily aesthetically pleasing garden can also be interested as the frame can be created from any material and with choosing differently coloured vegetables you can achieve a very aesthetically pleasing and unique effect while harvesting fresh and healthy food. The length of the planting bed can be increased up to 15 m, and it is recommended to increase it to 10 m. We maintain partnership with different landscaping-architect companies in Hungary. You must ask for an offer to create such a planting bed from them but I will travel there and do the speciality work and give professional advice. We need contact via phone and e-mail for the planning where we specify the conditions and the data and based on photos we provide free plans for the raised planting bed. Please note that this service is currently only available in Hungarian.

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