Soil improvement: the most important task


Soil: the foundation of life

The soil nurtures our crops and it is the most complex biotope on Earth. As long as we do not throw salt at it... It is a strange thought: ancient Romans destroyed the fields of Cartago with salt and here we are intentionally using salt in our fields and gardens. This can happen, because we do not throw kitchen salt, but use inorganic fertilizers - Ammonium nitrate, the nitrate salt of the ammonium cation, or Potassium chloride which is a metal halide salt – every chemical fertilizer is a SALT! Crops are able to feed from them but they destroy the small biotopes, the soil’s colloids in which the soil’s microbe (fungi, bacteria) lives. In the natural, living soil these provide nutrients for the crops. Using inorganic fertilizers leads to a downward spiral: from the first use, the farmer must provide nutrients for the crops themselves, for which the ratio is almost impossible to get right, so the crops will always suffer from the lack of one nutrient or another. This leads to less resistant crops, which necessitates the use of toxic chemical plant protection products to prevent the damages of pests and disease agents. You need constant organic nutrient circulation to maintain the soil’s natural state in the garden. The best way to achieve this is to use organic fertilizers and compost. You can vastly improve your garden’s soil by introducing different decomposing and nitrogen fixation bacteria. We call these soil activators. One such activator is Natur Terra which you can buy from our online shop (please keep in mind that currently we can only ship within the borders of Hungary and from spring 2017 to Romania).

natur terra

Nurturing your plants

It is important to realize that crops gather 95% of their nutrients (except CO2) through their roots. Organic gardening is impossible without improving the fertility of your soil. This means improving the structure of your soil, increasing its organic matter content, directly introducing nutrients and increasing its microbiological life. If you introduce too much, not mature organic fertilizer you increase the nitrite and nitrate content just like the inorganic fertilizers – so if you buy your leaf- and root vegetables (e.g. spinach, beetroot) from a mismanaged organic farm they can be just as contaminated by nitrate as if they have come from a chemical based farm.

Soil improvement agents

Alginit is a unique Hungarian product: it is a complex soil improving agent, improves the immune system and protects the plant! It is useful as a soil structure improving agent, for increasing the organic matter content in the soil and as a leaf fertilizer. There is another exceptionally good Hungarian invention for improving the structure of the soil, the “root-waterer” or “Gyökéritató” – we primarily recommend it during the planting of the fruit trees. We also recommend during the planting of the fruit trees our mycorhizza fungi which settles near the roots of trees and berries and improves their nutrients intake for years to come. We have different granular fertilizers which are very potent so you should mix it with compost or green waste before introducing them to the soil. For the best effect you should also mix it with some kind of soil activator (e.g. Natur Terra). Leaf fertilizers and nutrient solutions have very good marketing but they do not solve the problem of nutrient deficiency! It is a pretty promise, no more. We also offer leaf fertilizers in our online shop but only recommend them if you experience deficiency symptoms or need a little plus help during the height of harvest.


Global patent! The first field CO2 fertilizer!

The global patent liquid CO2 fertilizer only gives a considerable boost during the early stages of crop development so we only recommend AGROSOL LIQUID during early spring. The exception is hail damage, or if a pest destroys most of the foliage. The small package of the product can only be bought from us! (Currently we can only ship within the borders of Hungary and from Spring 2017 to Romania.) It is used in 50 countries and it has been used in Hungary since 2012. It is a completely organic solution which strengthens the crops by quickening the photosynthesis. A special rock-dust raises the concentration of CO2 in the cells, which maximizes the photosynthesis, which increases the efficiency of nutrients intake from the soil. The product contains a biostimulator (alga extract) which directs the nutrients to the shoot apex and to the root tip. This enables an explosive development during the most vulnerable stages of development while maintaining the full strength of the immune system.

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