Professional advice for hobby gardeners

Biológiai növényvédelem szaktanács

Creating an organic garden

In an organic garden the chemical based plant protection is replaced with biological plant protection. Its foundation lays in the structure and creation of the garden itself. It is important to create a garden as close to natural and as diverse as you can manage, to encourage useful organisms to move in, yet at the same time you should not leave safe havens for pests and pathogenic agents. You should know the properties of your garden, your plants and how they affect each other. We provide help for you to the ecological planning of your garden with lectures, courses, through e-mail, on the phone or personally when you come to one of our transfer points to pick up your order. However, the most effective help we can provide is giving it in your own garden. If requested, we visit your garden and discuss your options with you. We provide threat-assessment and unique ideas tailor-made for your situation and opportunities. Please, take into consideration that our courses, lectures and professional advice deal with the climate of the Carpathian Basin. Also take into consideration that currently we can only provide these in Hungarian.

Biológiai növényvédelem szaktanács

Biological plant protection in the garden

The biological plant protection in Hungary is still in its beginning stages. There are very few who understands it, practices it and can give reliable advice. There are many products you can use, but their mechanism either tied into each other or they block one another. There are companies which distribute some of these products but do not care for organic farming. The majority of distributors know nothing about these products. For one to use biological plant protection to its fullest extent they need well-founded knowledge about its principles. We created complete technologies for different crops. We present these in our courses and lectures, and you can also ask for advice in person (please keep in mind that currently we only provide lectures and professional advice in Hungarian). If you make an appointment you can visit us at one of our transfer points to ask for advice. It is beneficial to bring with yourself the pest or diseased plant, or at least a good quality photo of it.

Biológiai növényvédelem szaktanács

Professional advice at our transfer points

After you make an appointment you can visit our place of business (Hungary, Budapest, XX district Kende Kanuth u. 58.) where we fully explain the mechanisms of your chosen product and give professional advice related to its usage. If you bring with yourself the pest or the diseased part of a plant, we identify the problem and give professional advice. Please, bear in mind that currently this service is done in Hungarian. You can also receive this service in our “Guidance Nook” on Buda, Klébersberg Organic Market every Saturday 9-12 a.m. This is our second transfer point and serves as a location for our lectures and presentations.

Professional advice in your garden

Biológiai növényvédelem szaktanács

Primarily we provide this service in Budapest and in a 50 km circle around it, near Szeged, and north of Balaton. We accept requests from other parts of Hungary with the travel fee and the day of the visit negotiated case by case. For our usual fee we check the garden, tell you what would be better done differently, provide advice unique to your situation, give ideas to the planting of new plants and if there is a disease or pest problem we diagnose it. We can also provide products for biological plant protection from our online shop at the same price as the shop’s, but without the shipping cost. We create biological plant protection programs tailor made to your garden and provide the necessary products to it. You can also ask us to complete treatments in your garden.

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