Transition to organic farming

Ökológiai átállás bio termelés

Our company offers a complex service to those farmers who are interested in organic farming.

The certified organic farming is the only method of farming which openly receives monetary support in every country. The reason? They are all under the control of globally recognised, accredited organisations and provide excellent example for sustainable farming. In Hungary the new development programs offer more resources for organic farmers in specific titles. Moreover it is beneficial to seek out and ally with other farmers, to create a working group where storage, processing and logistics all find its place in the group mechanisms. For these you are also entitled to apply for specific resources. It is very important to note that in the most popular development programs (e.g. young farmer, machines of horticulture, modernising ranches, storing cereals and creation of dryers) organic farmers enjoy priority. It is beneficial to start organic farming under the control of an accredited organisation even on only a part of your farm (this is the so called split production) because then you will be regarded as an organic farmer and thus you will be entitled for more resources and receive more points.

Ökológiai átállás bio termelés

Professional advice for organic farmers

As a first step we recommend you make an appointment with us for a visit on your farm where we can give you truly tailor-made advice. During the we visit every part of your farm, note the problem-areas and give you practical advice concerning the transition and the necessary changes in your production.

The second step is contacting a certified organic regulator organisation. There are two such companies in Hungary.

After contacting the certified organic regulator organisation you have to create administrative papers. Our contract is based on these.

Ökológiai átállás bio termelés

Biological plant protection:

Conventional farmers usually doubt the effectiveness of biological plant protection. It is true that they must say goodbye to their previous practice of using chemical plant protection and inorganic fertilizers but they do not lose the effectiveness. The modern day agriculture research’s focus is the biological plant protection. At an organic farm you can only use products which have permission from the regulator organisation. These are either contact, easily washed down, innocuous products (e.g. a soap gained from flax), or natural matters (e.g. orange oil) or living organisms (e.g. predatory mites). The true challenge of the biological plant protection is gaining the necessary professional knowledge, constantly checking the crops, recognising the first signs of a pest or an infection, correctly deciding when to interfere and choosing the correct product in each situation. To achieve this you need to contact a professional for help or advice, which we can also provide.

Ökológiai átállás bio termelés

The market of organic products

You can market your unprocessed organic products on a higher price than conventional products – this is true globally. This becomes especially promising if you also consider that this market is untouched by price-variation or marketing problems.

The Hungarian market currently is very modest, so farmers usually produce for German export. The anomalies of the Hungarian organic market led to complete rejection of everything organic in some Hungarian customers. There are new methods of producing especially aimed to right this damage, e.g. community farming or self-sufficient gardening. There are a number of families with small children who move to the country from the city with the exact purpose to produce chemical-free food for their allergic children (such allergies can be usually traced back to the diet).

With carefully chosen and structured marketing the Hungarian organic market can win back these customers, and on the western-Europe market we anticipate an increase in demand. Every year we offer to our clients in Hungary a chance to travel with us to BIOFACH the world’s leading exhibition and fare in organic farming. This offers a chance to collect information globally and to make contact with new business partners.

Ökológiai átállás bio termelés

Professional advice to organic farming transition

Our professional crew offers help to organic farming transition in agriculture’s three main lines: farming, animal production and horticulture. This contains describing the regulations and giving professional practical advice as well. We create a step by step plan for the transition and help you follow it. Our advisors all have university degrees. The leader of our company managed an organic farm for years.

We offer help in the following areas: 

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