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The organic market farms also suffer from our changing climate and the invasive species’ damage, so they also must use the modern biological plant protection technologies. We receive requests for professional advice even from conventional farmers who seek to partially exchange their chemical based plant protection to new, eco-friendly technologies and products based on living organisms. Their motivation is usually due to the desire to reduce the pesticide residues.

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We are very glad to report that all over the world the market of biological plant protection dynamically progresses. In the last few years the NÉBIH in Hungary has permitted more and more of the so called “biostimulator” products. Unfortunately the law in Hungary does not make it easier to produce, import, distribute, use or promote these products. This is beneficial for the chemical based plant protection industry who wishes to block these new products and technologies because their increasing efficiency makes them more and more serious competitors. The rivalry is also strong even among those companies who develop biological plant protection and instead of allying with each other they usually work against one another. Our chosen goal is to test those biological plant protection products which the NÉBIH permitted to be used in Hungary, to examine their efficiency in the field and to combine every available product to create the most efficient and complete technologies for crops. We dynamically develop these based on the results of our own experiments and the reviews of our clients.

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We can distribute our online shop’s products in bigger packages recommended for farmers, but the most important thing is the technologies based on professional advice. Farmers should seek professional advice before buying our products. We recommend buying from our company the products which require cooler temperatures or even a refrigerator during storage and delivery, as our experience has been that most distributors do not have, or do not desire to have the means to provide these temperatures constantly, and many of the biological plant protection’ products die above a certain temperature. There are products that only we offer in small enough packages for hobby gardeners (Polyversum, Agrosol Liquid), farmers should buy the bigger packages from other companies; however, only we offer complex professional advice. In general, the prices you can see in our online shop (please keep in mind that currently we only ship within the borders of Hungary and from spring 2017 to Romania) are the prices of the smallest packages. In the event you are in need of larger quantities you can receive substantial discount, so please, contact me:

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