Biological plant protection in the garden


When should you take direct action?

A fundamental part of an organic garden’s creation is to make sure that we can prevent most diseases and eradicate the safe havens of various pests. It is very important to bring in their natural enemies and to boost these organisms’ numbers. We should strive to create an optimal ecological balance in our ecosystem. To achieve this we should find the most optimal place for each plant, take into consideration their effect on each other, provide living space for beneficial organisms and most importantly, we should constantly improve our soil! Less active action to prevent a disease or control a pest is needed on your part in a truly developed organic garden than in a conventional garden with chemical plant protection. However, even in an organic garden sometimes you must take action. We list a few occasions which will always require your attention. First, in every 3 or 4 years when the May bug swarms, it is in your best interest to use specific, insect-killer fungi to thin down their numbers.


You should introduce parasitic wasps into your garden or spray with products containing specific bacilli against caterpillars of butterflies or moths. There are very useful nematode products against the mole crickets or cockchafers which are among our online shop’s most popular products. Nowadays you can choose from many products containing fungi-killing fungi against fungal diseases, thus we can offer you an organic solution against the most serious fungal diseases like downy mildew, late blight or noble rot. When the plant lice is in abundance and the ladybugs have not yet managed to control them, products based on orange oil come in very handy. Likewise when you are facing invasive insect species which do not have natural enemies (in the Carpathian Basin such species are for example the Southern green shield bug or the citrus flatid planthopper) you should use the most effective insecticide, the natural NeemAzal plant based oil. The different plant protection tools help in prevention. Such tools are – among others – the coloured, adherent papers and pheromone traps.

When should one use which product and how?


It has been our experience that biological plant protection and the products of organic farming can only be sold with professional advice. So we provide free professional advice via e-mail, in person at our place of business, but you can receive it at our courses and lectures or even in your garden! Please note that currently we can only provide our advice in Hungarian. You should register to our newsletters through which we send you information about the necessary tasks to do in your garden, our new products, our own technologies and the complexities of biological plant protection – all in a timely manner.

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