Seeds for organic garden

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Why should you buy the seeds for your garden from us?

The Bio-Gazdabolt is the only shop in Hungary which guarantees that every seed you purchase from us is chemical-free. Before you give your child a packet of seeds for planting, you should always check its bag to see whether the producer guarantees that it is without seed treatment. Seeds without treatment mean seeds that do not carry toxic plant protection chemicals. Currently (at least in Hungary) most producers use toxic chemicals which can be absorbed through skin contact and which are guaranteed to remain in the plants for at least two months. If you want to make sure that your seeds are truly chemical-free, visit our online shop (please take into consideration that currently we can only ship within the borders of Hungary and from spring 2017 to Romania) because we only distribute seeds that can be used on an organic farm! Usually these seeds are without treatment and GMO-free. The first one means that the seed during its processing (harvest and packaging) has never been exposed to chemicals. GMO-free means that is has been produced on a location (Carpathian Basin) where GMO is prohibited so it was not contaminated with pollination. You can use these kinds of seeds in organic farming, but the seeds which have been produced on another organic farm receive priority. Unfortunately, no one produces such seeds in Hungary (the packets you can see in shops contain seeds which have been harvested elsewhere than repackaged here), so the available excellent quality biodynamic seeds are quite expensive.

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Our seeds arrive from three producers: