Seedling for organic gardens

Székely Gyöngyvér bio gyömbér gazdabolt

The origin of our young plants

From this spring three organic market gardens produce young plants for us. These plants are raised during their correct growing period without the use of chemical plant protection products or chemical fertilizers. They are suitable for organic farming and if requested we can provide the necessary certifications.

Coming soon in 2017 

bio palánták

You can order our most popular plants (Supersweet tomato, Hungarian peppers, pointed peppers, chillies) once again, but we will also offer new ones. At the beginning of March we start with those that tolerate cold temperatures, like the kale, the rucola, the bittercress (Barbarea vulgaris), the chives and the parsley. In April, you can plant the young salads and cabbages. Those young plants which require warmer temperatures (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) are traditionally only become available after the Ice Saints (after 13th of May). The full range of our herbs becomes available in May.   You can preorder the young plants one month before their arrival from our online shop. Preordering is advisable because the most unique or popular plants tend to sell quickly! Please take into consideration that currently we can only ship within the borders of Hungary.