Special soil management tools in the organic garden

We only turn over the soil of an organic garden if we absolutely have to. We use the digging fork for digging which loosens the soil and takes out the roots of the weeds. We offer a very hardy, good quality wrought iron digging fork in our online shop. We can only ship it (within the borders of Hungary and from spring 2017 to Romania) without a handle, but if you receive it in person from us you can order it with a strong acacia handle. The “acatoló” and the weed-removing knife are the tools of very small gardens. We offer different hoes for different purposes. The weakest is the hoe with star shaped blades but it is excellent if you only want to get in the soil our UV sensitive soil improvement products. If you have a bigger garden you may want to look into getting a combined hoe or one you can push by a handle. You can get special adapters to these. They are more expensive but also stronger and last longer than hoes like our star-bladed one. A rotary hoe makes your work in the garden much easier; however, it also destroys your soil’s structure. You should look into instead a hoe which you can push. We also offer a precision sprinkler which is excellent for evenly dividing the soil improvement agents when you use one.


Tools of the organic orchards

Pruning is very important. We offer a very practical small saw. It has a sheath so you can easily keep it with yourself during pruning. It is fairly small but very strong. Normally, it should be sufficient for a normal pruning because it can saw through branches with 6-8 cm diameter. We have pruning shears with uneven blades which makes your work much easier; and pruning shears with straight blades are an absolute must for summer pruning because they cause the smallest possible wound so your plants can heal much quicker with less chance of an infection. We also have special knives for cleaning out the tree’s bark.

egysoros vetőgép

Tools for sowing

These are our online shop’s new products in 2017 (currently we can only ship within the borders of Hungary and from spring 2017 to Romania). They are very useful for the bigger organic gardens. We have a seeder which is ideal for a hobby garden – it is not expensive; however, it also does not have the necessary endurance to be useful for a professional organic farmer. The precision seed drills are very strong; they can be pushed or can be adapted so a horse can pull them. We believe that the planting sticks will prove very useful for seeding plants with bigger seeds.

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