Treatments in the organic garden

biológiai növényvédelem

Early Spring services

In 2017 the first service you can apply for is learning the pruning and treatment of fruit trees in your own garden with our professional advice. After you make an appointment we visit you in your garden, check your plants and I give professional advice about the necessary biological plant protection, what you should do differently, what would be good idea or what you should take into consideration when planning your garden. If you are interested I can also give you a quotation for our special raised planting beds. I explain to you what, when, in what way, how and why you should prune in an organic garden, and show you how you can do it. If necessary I provide plant protection products which can be used in organic gardening. The cost of this service is 5000 HUF. The cost for visiting your garden is the price of the fuel it takes us to reach you and get back to Hungary, Budapest XX district. We do not ask for this fee in South-Pest or North-Buda. We can do the pruning and other tasks in your orchard. The cost of this is determined separately for every client depending on the number and size of their plants. We always inform you of the exact price beforehand. If you send us pictures we can give you a preliminary offer.

ökológiai metszés

Biological plant protection services during the Summer

After the buds burst we do not prune. From the middle of Spring until leaf fall we can do summer pruning, treat the tree’s wounds and spray. It is advisable to ask for this with professional advice. Our aim is not to become your gardeners but to teach and help you to protect your plants better in the organic way.

Gyöngyvér Székely


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